What's the Story?

There are tons of courses all over the web, but Hair University was designed with everyone single person in the hair industry. You're the creative, but we want to assist you with the business, marketing, and analytics of your business.

Each course that is provided on this platform is geared towards the hair industry. Of course the material can be interchangeable with other industries that you're in, but the material is geared towards everything hair and beauty.

What's the Story?


The Hair Business Blueprint

Are you an Entrepreneur looking for a roadmap to success? You must read the #1 Book for the Hair Business Industry. It's an Amazon Best-Seller and the Blueprint for your success in the beauty industry.

What Type of Courses Can I expect?

  • Creative

    These creative courses will give you the opportunity to create blog content, your own graphics, teach social media, and much more.

  • Hands on Hair

    Some courses that will be available to you will teach you certain techniques when it comes to doing hair.

  • Marketing

    Hair University is dedicated to creating courses that will help you market your hair business and increase engagement and sales.

I'm Ready to Become a Hair University Student!

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  • Michael Moran

    Super Instructor

    Michael Moran

    Hey! I love selling online and helping others become successful with real-world experience. I spend 25% of my day learning with a focus on hair extension products, web development, marketing, SEO, and about anything else that can keep my attention.
  • Zakiyrah Ficklin

    Bossy Teacher

    Zakiyrah Ficklin

    Hey there, I'm Zakiyrah. I've been involved in the hair industry for about 4 years now. I love helping others get their brands started and assist them with growing their brands. I'm excited to bring you all courses that will help you succeed in the hair industry. 


Jasmine Rollins

Great Resource

Jasmine Rollins

I enjoyed taking the How to Use Canva to Create Great Hair Extension Graphics course. I was able to learn amazing new tricks, features and familiarize myself with not before used tools. And learn new terms. Each module features various videos that were easy to use and follow. Each video is no longer than 5 minutes. Which is great for someone who does not have a lot of time on their hands. I learned about each section of the features and how to use them like text codes, transparency, and more. My favorite section is Elements and using the Frames, you will know why when you get your hands on this course!

Loved the Canva Course


I absolutely loved the Canva Course that I purchased. I was able to learn different ways to create flyers and although it was for the hair industry I was able to apply some tips to my fashion venture.


  • How much time do I have to dedicate to each course?

    Each course length is different, so it will depend on what course you are enrolled in.

  • What type of courses can I expect?

    Hair University dedicates all courses to the hair industry. If you are in the hair industry you can expect specific courses that will help.

  • Are there payment plans available?

    Currently, the only course that we offer a payment plan for is the Advanced Marketing Course.

  • Do I need to buy any additional resources to participate?

    No, for the courses we have available we do not require you to purchase additional resources to take advantage of the course.

Hair Business Consulting

Hair University offers one-on-one consulting to help get your hair business started and/or take it to the next level. Are You Ready?